What Can You Get From Us ?

Real time Exclusive leads

After gathering the lead, it is exclusively forwarded to the customer, enabling them to optimize their conversion potential by tailoring prospect selection criteria extensively.

  • 100% exclusivity for 30-60 days
  • All online and social media driven

Shared Leads

Real time leads shared with 2-3 companies max.

  • Same sources and Lead quality as the Exclusive leads at a discount price.
  • Ideal for companies with a call center and CRM that can call on this lead within 10-20 seconds of receiving the lead.

Aged Leads

Non exclusive leads that where acquired 48h-72h.

  • Ideal for companies who need to keep their sales reps busy calling on decent data.
  • Deeply discounted pricing.

Landing page creation

Our dedicated team of experts combines creativity with strategic expertise to design landing pages that not only grab attention but also drive action. Whether you're looking to generate leads, promote a product, or increase conversions, our custom landing pages are optimized to deliver results.

Lead Validation

We analyze different aspects of the lead to validate its quality and intentionality like:

  • E-mail formatting
  • Click patterns
  • Phone number verification

Provided Leads

Industries we provide large volumes of qualified leads:

  • Solar Panels
  • Heat pump
  • Roofing
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • Renovation
  • Security