Trendy Halloween Sweepstakes

Trendy Halloween Sweepstakes

The fast-money season started. Hello, Halloween!

Consumer spending on Halloween-related items is expected to be even higher than during a lockdown in 2020. And TOP-countries in this Halloween Hysteria are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France.  

What does it mean for affiliates? It means that it's time to make some dollars!

Start collecting the audience just now. Trendy Halloween Sweepstakes are already LIVE at Gasmobi!

43525 - Germany - MultiplePrizes - Halloween Coca Cola - SOI 

43530 - Germany - MultiplePrizes - Halloween Milka - SOI 

43286 - Belgium - Win Amazon Halloween - Gift Card SOI

43284 - France - Amazon Halloween - SOI

43283 - France - Kinder Halloween - SOI

43282 - Spain - Kinder Halloween - SOI

43278 - Italy - Amazon Halloween - SOI

Creatives & Righ Traffic Source= the keys for your green ROI!

Spy and design the best Halloween banners and prelanders, use the power of pumpkins, ghosts and wheels of fortune. It still works out!

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Anstrex - Push, Native and Dropshipping Spy Tool

AdMobiSpy - Spy Toll for Mob, Pop-up, Google, myTarger. 

Test different traffic sources (thanks, Capitan!).

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Happy Halloween! Boo!