Running SMS traffic

Running SMS traffic

What does SMS affiliate marketing mean?

If you're an SMS Affiliate marketer, then the process through which you're driving traffic to your offer website is via SMS. Affiliates are able to promote their selected offers to their SMS list, which allows them to tap into the outstanding open rate and engagement level that people on this platform present.


Usually, things like social media marketing, blogging, and email marketing have been the most commonly used strategies by affiliates to drive their traffic to their merchant site, leaving SMS SMS traffic out, but it's a hidden goldmine, affiliates that build sound strategic SMS campaigns and promote their offers or services through an email list bank hard.


What does the process look like:


On the other side, it starts with the merchant opening an affiliate program for their service or product. Then, the affiliate marketer enrolls in the offer and starts running the offer by deciding on a strategy, what kind of text message will perform best for the specific offer so that the end-use ultimately clicks on the affiliate link. 

The main attraction of running SMS traffic is the outstanding open rate. 

Many affiliates don’t even consider running offers through SMS traffic, as they don’t realize how effective it can actually turn out to be. And they also don’t have a clue where to start with all of it.

Some of the benefits when running SMS traffic include
  • Helps Sending Personalized messages 
  • Helps Build Campaigns to Target Different People at Different Stages or Different Intent
  • Advanced Tracking Options

Where to Buy Databases?

Where to Get SMS Databases?

The most vital thing you'll need to start your SMS traffic campaign is an SMS database. Without one, who will you send the SMS messages to, right? 

There are a couple of routes that you can go in this regard. You can try to scrape phone numbers yourself with a specialized program, and although it can take a lot more effort and tinkering to get a valid phone database, it's much cheaper and can allow you to scrape additional phone number databases for some other offers if you decide to run a different offer. The drawback is that it's hard getting quality phone numbers and takes a lot of time and effort, the effort that could be spent optimizing your campaigns. 

The more convenient and reliable route to go is to buy your phone number databases. There are many places that sell such databases.

Some of the places to buy phone number databases include sites such as and These should be vetted one by one as the quality of the phone number databases may vary greatly from one seller to another.

Then there are also sites dedicated to selling phone numbers. 

Here are just a few of those:

And to find many others, you can visit

What Offers to Run?

(betting, lead gen, casino, any finance related) 

When it comes to offers that can work well with SMS traffic, it’s very important to buy the appropriate database for the type of offer you want to run. Running profitable campaigns with niches such as betting, casino, lead gen, and finance can work well as long as the phone database for the specific niche is right.

When to Run the Campaign?

Time targeting is also an important aspect, as with any vertical, but SMS differs in that it’s truly better to utilize the early morning. This has proven to be the best time, mostly, although there could be some offers that would benefit from a different time.


What is the Minimum Volume to Do a Test

(I heard at least 40K)

If you’re seriously considering this vertical, then it’s been widely vetted that you should start with a budget of $30,000-$40,000. Any less, and you risk not being able to gather enough statistics to make the campaign profitable. But when optimized right, it’s a lean-mean money-making machine.

What Basic Metrics are Used When Running SMS Traffic?

Some of the basic metrics for an SMS campaign are the number of SMS messages sent and the number of messages actually delivered, the opening rate of the messages, the interaction rate of messages (clicks, click-to-calls, app-opens, etc.), unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, return of investment (ROI).


The industry average, when compiled from a variety of sources when it comes to the conversion rate, is about 29% which is considerably higher than, for example, email marketing, which only sits at 3.26%. The average CTR is 45%, and the average open rate is 98%.

Earnings per click can vary dramatically due to various factors, such as the quality of the database for the offer that you are promoting.



Running an SMS campaign should definitely be on the mind of any affiliate looking to profit hard. It’s criminally underused, be smart and go for it. The revenue is there.