MGID Reviewed in 2022

MGID Reviewed in 2022

The Native Advertising Giant

MGID Reviewed in 2022 - The Native Advertising Giant


A short introduction for MGID

There are a dozen native advertising networks around now, but only a few have stood the test of time and confidently placed themselves at the very pinnacle of native advertising networks.


One of such giants is MGID, with its stellar reputation that has spanned over a decade (having been founded in 2008) and includes a very respectable amount of volume throughout their GEOs with top-notch traffic quality control. In addition, they try their best to ensure that their traffic converts and the end-user gets as little bot traffic as possible.


The company is considered the pioneer when it comes to native advertising and has won a number of AdTech awards and accolades throughout the years. Examples:

Bronze Stevie® Award for Innovation in Technology Development, 2020

Best Overall AdTech Solution Award by MarTech Breakthrough, 2021


To get you up to date on their stats, they have over 850M+ unique visitors monthly, over 32K+ content websites, 60% higher CTR than display, and 185 billion impressions served through the platform every month.


MGID is the definitive market leader in the native field of media advertising. The network specializes in delivering native, push, display, and video advertisements. They've touted themselves as being the experts in content promotion.


They also offer self-serve to those affiliates who want to do the tinkering themselves. Every user can see traffic insights and have access to campaign tools, which include selective bidding, predictive price recommendations, and audience reach, along with their CPM and CPC pricing models, which is why they are often regarded as the leading native advertising platform. MGID is also a super-dedicated AMs, like our AM Greta @GrettaV (Telegram). 



Push versus Native:


MGID's main attraction point comes from its leading volume of native ad traffic available to advertisers to utilize.


What are native ads (for those still new to the concept)?


Native advertisement is described as an ad that is so cohesive with the page content, consistent with the platform behavior, and assimilated into the design that the viewer has the feeling that the ad belongs there, hence the term native.


Although MGID is the grandfather of native traffic, they also offer a huge inventory of quality traffic from other verticals, most notably their Push traffic.


What are push ads?

Push ads are a variant of the native ad format. Push advertising means sending the ad directly to users' mobile or desktop devices in a form that resembles a general push notification, appearing as non-intrusive, highly engaging, and user-friendly to the audience, making it an excellent vertical for advertisers to well.., push. Another benefit to this type of traffic is the massively lowered risk of encountering bot traffic, as well as having higher CTR and conversion rates.



Targeting Options


Another impressive feature that MGID has is the scope of targeting options that you get when creating and managing your campaign. You can select specific GEO's and cities, extensive browser selection, target specific OS's, target specific languages, target by connection types (mobile, desktop, specific carries), specific audiences, IP ranges, specific placements, and more.


We'll go over the targeting section for a clearer understanding of the available functions that the platform provides.

  1. This is the switch to turn the advanced targeting option on. Without pressing it, the functions listed below will be unavailable.


  1. Potential Impression Volume shows the approximate number of impressions that your campaign is likely to get with the targeting options that you have selected so that you can have a preliminary estimate as to how much traffic your campaign will receive.


  1. The Geo section is where you choose the countries and cities that you want your campaign to target.


  1. You can select between all popular internet browsers and really dial down the browsers that convert for your offer in specific.


  1. Targeting OS provides you with the ability to select between any operating system that you would like to show your ads to, and you have a great selection of various versions of the same operating system if you want to target really specifically in the regard.


  1. Browser language targeting allows you to show your ads to users with a specific browser language selected, further improving your conversions so that you can target your audience better.


  1. Mobile connection selection is a really important feature for those advertisers that are running carrier-specific offers, so you can select from every popular mobile carrier in each country as well as check whether you also want Wi-Fi traffic.


  1. Audiences allow you to select your demographic and really target your campaign to the people who will most likely be interested in your product by gender, age, and ethnicity.


  1. Phone price ranges allow an even further optimization in getting to show your advertisement to the appropriate people who are financially in the best range to promote a conversion for your advertised product.


*Ask AM Greta @GrettaV (Telegram) about more targeting options!

Running a campaign with laser-targeted options is a breeze. And recently, MGID has stepped its game up even further by introducing phone price targeting.

This new feature allows for the advertiser to assign campaigns to be targeted at an audience based on the price of the user's mobile phone.



With this feature, it is now possible to include or exclude certain phone price tiers. This powerful feature allows advertisers to reach the precise audience that is suited for the offer so that the visitor has the right purchasing power. This new feature allows advertisers to further pinpoint their audience for maximum ROI.



Some examples of campaign statistics:



What are the pros and cons for the average advertiser:



  • Likely the largest source of quality traffic for your native traffic, as well as push traffic needs

  • Excellent client service and moderation team, campaigns get reviewed within minutes, and clear-cut reasons are given if a campaign is rejected, which they promptly re-evaluate once the necessary changes are made.

  • Your very own individual Account Manager

  • Instinctive user-interface plan - creating, editing, and managing existing campaigns is made a delight with their intuitive design.

  • Detailed and intricate targeting options allow you to laser target your campaigns if need be.

  • To leverage your first experience with running native solutions with MGID, they grant a 25% welcome bonus on your first ad budget. To activate this offer register here and top up your account from $1,000 to $5,000.




  • Registration can be a bit complicated for a new user.

  • Initial campaign setup (this varies from user to user but some find it quite difficult at first due to the many targeting options and sheer amount of options that can be selected).

GET STARTED WITH MGID NOW - ask Greta for a short guide!
@GrettaV (Telegram)

And, here are some “perfect-match” offers by Gasmobi for MGID traffic:

US Insurances & Refinance Mortgage:

US - LoweMyBills - CPL $ 42.35

US - Auto - – CPL $9.20


EU Microloans & Insurances

IT - Supercredito.It - CPL $6.55

IT - Credito4u - CPL $6.55

ES - Pezetita – CPL $10.16

ES - Prestamo Pro - CPL $6.75

FR - Mutuelle Santé - insurance for elders 55+ - CPL $8.40

FR - Hyper Mutuelle Senior - CPL $7.55



AR - BANCO GALICIA - CPL [Display-Push] $3.47

AR - BBVA Tarjeta de crédito – CPL $10

BR - Banco Santander - Abertura de Contas (Tarifa Zero Conta + Cartao) – CPL $6

BR - Stone - Service for business - CPL - [email - push] $1.50

MX - CrediClic – CPL $1.4

MX - Coppel - CPL $5.4

CO - AVAL-DALE - debit card for free – CPL $2.85

CO - Dale Billetera - CPL $3.50