Keeping up with the hottest new offers - Solar is crushing it Worldwide

Keeping up with the hottest new offers - Solar is crushing it Worldwide

The growing trend of Solar

Keeping up with the hottest new offers - Solar is crushing it Worldwide.


If you've not yet come across solar offers or disregarded them, you're in for a surprise as they are one of the latest hot trends that produce excellent ROI.


What are Solar Offers?


For those completely uninitiated on what these offers are about, they are about solar panels. Solar panels come in different shapes and sizes. They collect energy from the sun converting it into electricity. The most common form of a solar panel is a flat panel mounted on a house's roof. 


These days solar panels have gained traction when it comes to their popularity, and the eco-friendly mindset that people are continuously starting to follow only gives the vertical a bigger potential to grow even further as time goes on. We are slowly entering the middle of the decade. After doing short research, people see that it is easily the best renewable energy source due to its abundance. Also, the reliability factor plays a big role in its appeal, as does the fact it doesn't pollute. 


Here is the annual chart of the amount of solar energy generation between countries.

As it's clearly shown, the demand and usage of solar panels are increasing exponentially by the year. The biggest climb is only about to come in the coming months and years until solar completely takes over as the main source of energy generation around the world.


Important Things to Remember About Solar offers:


Affiliates have really underpromoted solar offers so far as they have the potential to bring higher returns than other verticals when promoted right. They are a silent goldmine. We'll go over some unique features one should know when running the solar panel vertical. 


The usual flow of a white-hat lead generation funnel is the solar panel product with installation, delivery, and additional services.


The standard offer lead form will require users to enter their data such as name, age,e, home address, occupation, and phone number. This is required to evaluate the eligibility of the potential lead and provide them with the possibilities based on their information.


Some usual offer restrictions are that only the actual homeowners can place the order. Tenants or relatives aren't allowed. The best age filter you should target this vertical with is 25 to 70-year-olds. 

Creatives when running your campaigns:


It's important, as always, to think outside the box a bit with the creatives. Using compelling infographics and engaging facts about how economical and sustainable the solar panels are can go a long way in getting the visitor to click the ad.


Although novel creatives are extremely important, one must always remember to avoid being misleading. For example, make sure that the solar offer you're running matches with your creatives, and you aren't promoting a differently configured solar panel. This can easily make your potential lead lose trust after looking at the actual offer, which doesn't match what the creative was showing. 


Always reach out to your affiliate manager when in doubt, so you always follow the guidelines of the offer.


If the ad is text, then you have to use that big brain of yours to make an ad copy that resonates with the target audience. Invest some time and effort, and it will pay off dearly. Make sure that the most attractive features of the solar offer are listed in the text in a captivating way.


What Traffic Sources work best for Solar Offers:



Email is the best channel if there is a clean database. Getting a good email list with homeowners interested in Saving Energy or Home Improvement is one of the best ways to run solar, and it’s also pretty self-explanatory. Keep in mind that only HOMEOWNERS are considered valid leads here. Average CR for Solar is 3-5%, fresh database could get up to 10% CR. Make sure you can either target by zip codes or run offers with the most cover percentage, like the ones that Gasmobi has. 


Just as with email running solar panel campaigns in native traffic sources work well. You just need to remember to match the ad with the landing page, not to be misleading, target by departments, do a lot of A/B split testing with the creative text and look, and continuously just optimize. Native has been a proven channel when it comes to Solar in Europe. 


Very similar to running native, just have to be a bit more careful with the creatives, but more or less the same as with native. Facebook is expensive, but when running in-house Solar offers from Advertisers like Gasmobi, you can claim your customized payout!


While the previous traffic sources work best for older people, TikTok caters to the younger side of the target audience and is underutilized by other affiliates. Yet, it is a very good traffic source that should be exploited while it's not as saturated. Create a video that features the best features of your offer. Remember that you have 20 seconds to truly go over many different features through an enticing video. Remember to have a call-to-action message at the end. It’s a goldmine of a traffic source, for now.


Budget requirements and important necessities:


Let's start with what kind of payout rates you should expect when running most solar offers. Because the model is lead generation, the payout model is usually CPL. However, after some research, the average rate is between 13-20 EUR/USD per converted lead.


The budget requirements always depend on how experienced you are and what tools you have at your disposal. It is vital to be good at or have a good copywriter on your team and a creative designer for ads. Besides that, regular things like a quality tracking solution are indispensable. Also, it's always a good idea to get an offer spy service to see how others are running the offers, so you'll save hundreds of hours on research based on that alone, a very valuable tool to have at your disposal, but you probably already knew that. Your budget should be big enough to gather plenty of tracking data from various A/B split tests, as you'll surely need to tinker with your ads like crazy before you find the winning combo, but once you do, you'll be happy to go the solar panel offer route.


What to keep in mind:   

Solar panel offers are quickly and increasingly becoming the new hot thing when it comes to white-hat lead generation. This sub-vertical will continuously continue to grow in size due to how in-demand solar panels are. The trend is going upwards at a fast pace.  Although the ROI from these offers isn't as insane as some offers from the Gambling or Crypto niche can produce, it is far more stable and can be run throughout the year. This vertical would be best run by someone already experienced in affiliate marketing because the traffic truly needs to be quality, and the flow and targeting of the campaign need to be on point for these kinds of offers. All in all - give this vertical a shot and ask your affiliate manager for any assistance in getting to run the offer. 


Where to get the best converting offers?

Gasmobi - is the direct Advertiser of Solar offers for France and Spain. Our top-notch and A/B tested landing pages have been successfully driving stable CRs. There are some benefits when working with the direct Advertiser: access to various landings depending on your need, A/B testing, API integration, Real-Time lead approval and quality feedback that allows scaling fast, fast validation and payment terms, and higher rates.