How to Write a Killer Email Marketing Campaign

How to Write a Killer Email Marketing Campaign

Why Email Marketing is Your New Best Friend

So maybe you thrilled your customers with your landing page's CTA. Or you a customer subscribed to your mailing list after placing an order. Either way, you’ve passed the hardest step in marketing. That’s right, they were so interested in what you had to say that they wanted to hear more from you.

So how do you keep their attention? Easy! Emails.

That’s right. Email marketing has the highest ROI compared to any other marketing strategy, coming in at a whopping $40 to every $1 spent.

Another amazing thing about email marketing is how intuitive and accessible it is. No, really! You don’t need any special bells and whistles to reach your leads like you would with social media.

The best part about email marketing is how versatile it is with half the effort. Here’s just a few of the ways email marketing will make your business flourish:

  • Engages new audiences

  • Builds stronger relationships with current customers

  • Establishes authority and credibility

  • Optimizes your time

  • Skyrockets sales

  • Provides results

Are you as excited as we are? Let’s dive in.


6 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Game


1. Use Email Segmentation

The average person receives over a hundred emails a day. Writing a blanket message to your entire audience will land you a secure spot in the spam folder. Make yours stand out from the crowd by writing emails tailored for specific audiences.

This is called email segmentation. Basically, it means you analyze your entire audience and break them into segments based on certain factors like:

  • Behaviors

  • Interests

  • Interaction with Your Brand

  • Location

  • Product Interest

  • Workflow


2. Start on the Right Foot with an Eye-Catching Subject Line

Like headlines, copywriters spend more time on the subject line than the entire body of the email. It’s the make or break point that determines whether your email gets read or deleted. Especially since spam filters grow more sophisticated every day.

A good rule of thumb is to pique your audience’s interest so they want to read more. Ideally, your subject line should offer something that directly benefits your audience. Whatever you do, don’t trick your audience with clickbait, false information, or gimmicks.

Want to make sure your subject line is prepped for spam filters? Check out this list of spam trigger words.

Here’s a few tricks to writing a winning subject line:

  • Make it short and sweet: 10 words max

  • Offer a free product or service that helps your audience

  • Use strategic keywords that grab your audience’s attention

  • Be honest to inspire trust


3. Write a Concise Body Loaded with Valuable Information

Cut the fluff. Like we mentioned, the average person receives over a hundred emails. Don’t make them read something they don’t have to.

When talking format, break the body of your email up into short paragraphs. This makes it much easier to read, which your audience will appreciate.

Lastly, make sure your email has a friendly, conversational tone that aligns with your brand voice. Imagine you’re talking to a friend one on one. Customers respond better to emails they felt were written for them.

Bonus tip: Give your leads a reason to open your email by offering a discount, free service, or how to guide.


4. Split Test for the Best

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, allows you to perfect your email by multiple variables like:

  • Time of day

  • Subject lines

  • Opening lines (the first line of an email that you see before your open it)

  • Visual content

  • CTA’s

They may be small details, but they make a huge difference. Mailchimp reports that only 18-28% of emails get opened. Be in that top percentage and adjust these variables for optimum performance. Your audience will find it irresistible not to engage with your email.


5. Get Automated

Now that you have an idea of your segments and effective strategies, automate your emails to optimize time. Generated by workflows, email automation software saves your users’ data and behaviors to send the best emails to specific targets.

Here’s a few ways email automation can redefine your business:

  • Connect with leads and customers

  • Convert prospects and leads into dedicated customers

  • Increases efficiency

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your database


6. Now let’s consider the steps to launch an effective email campaign with affiliate links

All steps mentioned before, apply for running third party products or campaigns, that’s what you do with affiliate marketing, after selecting for specific niche and target audience, all you need is to do is:

  • When adding affiliate links to your emails, include them with other valuable content

  • Check that your email provider allows affiliate links

  • Your audience initially joins your mailing list because they are interested in your content, offer something relevant to them

  • Make the affiliate links constantly available through the campaign

  • Track your campaign, monitor subscribers, and make required adjustments to the campaign


And last, check the best email marketing campaigns to launch with Gasmobi