Home Improvement offers in France

Home Improvement offers in France

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Interest in home improvement has really seen an uprise ever since the beginning of the pandemic, and the trend has anything but slowed down ever since the beginning of 2020. On the contrary, in 2020, the market grew by 13% alone, which came out to 31 billion euros, which was the largest growth in that field that the country had seen in over two decades.


The audience for home improvement-related stuff is at an all-time high, averaging a 10-15% increase since 2020, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. All signs point to the increase in interest for home improvement to continue rising in the coming years. 


There are quite a few things that every house owner can improve in their home. 

There is no better time for an affiliate wishing to get on the rising trend of home improvement offers in France. 


The most popular type of home improvement offers 


When it comes to the type of offers that you can expect to be running for home improvement in France are the following:


Heat Pump offers:

These offers entail enticing the visitor to replace their old heat pump with a new one. The offers usually consist of a questionnaire where the visitor answers some important questions so that the landing page can find out if the visitor is eligible for the offer. Replacing a heat pump can often be subsidized, which the offer also states, potentially being very useful and enticing for the user, with purported savings of up to €900-1000 per year. 


The offer is usually CPL, the flow is SOI and is paying anywhere from €6-9 per lead.


Solar Panel offers:

Seeing just how much the alternative energy field is growing, it's no surprise that solar energy is among the most sought-after improvements that house owners gravitate towards. These offers also consist of a questionnaire to see if the user is eligible for the offer. The payouts can range from €9 per action taken up to €16 in some cases, don't sleep on solar energy as it's quickly becoming one of the best niches of offers to run, not just in France, but France has seen a major increase in interest.


Window offers:

These are also very popular when it comes to home improvement. The user gets to a landing page that has a variety of different window materials to choose from (such as wood, Pvc, or aluminum). The user can receive several free quotes and compare the offers that are available to them, the number of homes that need their windows replaced is staggeringly high, and this is a type of offer that is definitely something not to sleep on as the conversion rate can be quite high. The campaign can be lucrative if the targeting is narrowed down.

These offers tend to pay a bit less, as the whole window price and installation also aren't as expensive of a commodity as some of the other offers, but the average payout per action taken is around €5-6. 


Air-Conditioning offers:

Air conditioners are also converting well. For those households where there is no air conditioning or replacing old air conditioning systems, this offer can perform extremely well. Who doesn't like to have their home be at the precisely right temperature for their own needs? The payouts for these kinds of offers are the lowest out of the bunch due to how relatively inexpensive the units are, and the average CPA is €2-4. Still, there are a lot of households in France that need a replacement or don't have AC installed at all. Targeting is everything with these kinds of offers in order to reap the biggest benefits. 


Radiator offers:

The market for electric radiators is still large enough that these offers are definitely worth a test run, with these eco-electric radiators having the benefits of saving around 40-50% on the heating bill, as well as coming with a long warranty makes them interesting for the potential visitor.


Bathtub or shower offers:

Plenty of households have old baths and showers, and the demand for new and modern units is also becoming quite popular among the French. 


The offer also has a questionnaire to find out what the visitor is looking for  (a shower or a bath), and the usual payouts range from €10-12 based on the specific advertiser. But this sub-niche is also becoming quite popular and can convert really well given the proper targeting optimizations. 



All-in-all, home improvement in France has taken off quite a bit, and you shouldn't sleep on the offers available as there's some good money to be made. These offers would obviously convert best on targeted e-mail lists, but they also work really well on native traffic sources. You just have to think outside the box sometimes to make your ad really stand out.