Affiliate Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Affiliate Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2022

The affiliate marketing sector is a digital gold rush. In 2022, the profits don't look like they're going to plummet any time soon. Even by searching affiliate marketing on Google Trends, you'll see there's buzz around affiliate marketing. Not to mention, in just 2021, affiliate marketing was estimated to be worth an astounding $14.5 billion. What's not to love about a market that keeps evolving and expanding? Get your piece of the pie in 2022 with our affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2022

Influencer Marketing

As social media platforms put e-commerce at center stage, influencers will play a key role in attracting new audiences, engaging with followers, and converting sales. This will create a seamless shopping experience to take advantage of in 2022.

With the help of influencers, consumers will be able to get up close and personal with the products that attract them. From live demos to engaging with comments, consumers can get an idea of the product and decide to make purchases in an instant. This is a great way to seize momentum and boost sales.

Lots of brands are turning to digital storefronts and creating specialized video content to promote their products. Using social media platforms to market products has sent many businesses' sales shooting through the roof.

With customers available to make more investments, verticals like beauty, fashion, health, business, tech, and lifestyle should expect big earnings in 2022.

Video Content

As we watch TikTok's relevance soar with the younger generations, it's safe to say video content has become an incredibly lucrative content strategy for many brands. Due to its viral nature, videos reach a large audience and engage with them quickly. Brands are using all the tools at their disposal to create more engaging content and monetize their efforts.

In fact, by ranking the number of active users, YouTube comes out to be the second most popular social network in the world. Similarly, TikTok is taking the world by storm with its short-form mobile videos. With more than 1 billion active global users, on TikTok alone, more and more brands are learning to create engaging content with various viral trends, filters, and music.

Whether you decide to create long form videos, short form videos, or both, video content will polish your brand's social media presence. Advertising with YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram will expose your content to new international audiences and convert your engagement into sales.

E-commerce Niches

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, e-commerce has become an incredibly prosperous market. Now that online shopping has become second nature, we suspect e-commerce is here to stay. And expand at that. According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales have increased 16.8% in 2021, valuing the sector at nearly $5 trillion. In 2022, it's bound to grow.

Affiliate marketers have a great advantage when it comes to the e-commerce boom. By studying target audiences and creating tailored content for them, you can reach your conversion goals faster than ever and boost revenues with higher profit margins. For any publishers out there, e-commerce is a smart vertical to work with.

Crypto Goes Mainstream

While many businesses profited with e-commerce, others flourished with the crypto industry. Where only a few people participated in buying and trading cryptocurrencies, now it's taking the world by storm.

Blockchain technology lets spenders move money and maintain the value of any currency around the world. These days, lots of companies are turning to crypto as payment options for their employees and clients.

However, as blockchain technology becomes more accessible, we predict a wave of new rules and regulations to ensure the privacy of all their new customers. Luckily, cryptocurrency companies like Coinbase are working hard to create safe and compliant crypto practices.

As an affiliate marketer, there's affiliate programs specifically for the crypto industry. Since it's a growing trend, the payouts only get better and better. While crypto was expected to value $4.94 billion by 2030, the industry has zipped past that prediction. Instead, the crypto market is actually estimated to value $2.3 trillion. Now that's what we call a can't miss opportunity.

Consumers Demand the Best

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has deeply affected us as a global society. The way we think of time, for instance, is radically different from our pre-covid mindset. After so much time indoors, many have come to take advantage of life's pleasures, including things that might have been intimidating to previous generations like sharing their experiences, boldly creating, and demanding respect for themselves.

With this shift in lifestyles and core values, consumers are demanding the best from not only each other, but also from the brands that serve them. As affiliate marketers, it's crucial to mirror these values in our social media content strategies. Instead of focusing on pain points and money, the younger generations want to focus on happiness and pleasure.

With enthusiastic influencers, seamless ecommerce experiences, and cryptocurrency that's accessible all over the world, things are looking up for digital and affiliate marketers in 2022.